5 Reasons to use Demographics in Marketing


Increase your Target Audiences with Demographics

In marketing, a target audience is extremely important to getting your message, product, or services out to the right people. Demographics help businesses determine audiences by characteristics. These characteristics zero in on the needs and preferences of the people that are most likely to buy their products and services.

  1. Understanding your Customer – Take time to come up with who you want your ideal client to be. Include a list of traits, characteristics, tastes, potential issues to build the target base you want.
  2. Saves Money – Using demographics saves you from wasting time and money on going after the wrong audience. This way businesses can maximize on the right campaign for prospective clients.
  3. Find New Opportunities – Demographics also provide opportunities for you to locate new audiences with different interests and characteristics to sell to. This will help your company grow and adopt new consumers.

Geolytics is a great way to build your business, sign up for demographic data today.


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Understand Your Target Market


Consumer needs are constantly changing and businesses are scrambling to keep up. The best way to do this is by getting to know your target market.

One way to accomplish this is by utilizing demographics. Demographics will help you define spending habits, to identify locations where your ideal customer spends their time and more.

Once you have a better understanding of who your consumers are you can mold your marketing and business strategies to cater better to them. This can influence advertising, your business’s location, pricing of services and products, and branding.

Geolytics has a variety of resources to help businesses navigate the demographics they are looking for. For more information visit Geolytics.com.


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Crime Reports Assists National, State, and Local Agencies


Geolytics produces crime reports containing three different geographic summaries at the national, state, and agency levels.

Crime Statistics can be utilized for a variety of purposes by law enforcement agencies, government officials, policymakers, chambers of commerce, tourism agencies, all types of media, and more.

Law enforcement uses crime data for budget planning, assessing resources and operations, and follow crime trends. The chamber of commerce and tourism agencies use the report to gain understanding of how crime affects the areas they serve, while lawmakers draw up laws according to the data they receive about crime. The news media applies the report to the stories they document about crime in order to inform the public.

All information is sourced by the U.S. Department of Justice, and the FBI.

To obtain a crime report visit Geolytics.com


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Demographics Improve Fundraising


GeoLytics provides software products that collect demographics that could benefit Non-profit organizations in a variety of ways. Knowing your Organization’s demographics can assist in fundraising efforts, raising awareness for your cause, recruiting volunteers, and assist with grant writing.

When using demographics for fundraising purposes, your organization is more likely to receive a higher amount of donations than if you sent out cold letters to a mass group of people who have no interest in your organization. Getting specific with the people you reach out to can make all of the difference. For example the way you reach out to a Corporate CEO for a donation would be more formal than if you were reaching out to a young local family in your community. Knowing your organizations demographics and geographic data improves accuracy and growth.

Geolytics has everything from Census 2000 products, normalized data, and Census 1970-1990, to business packages, estimates and projections, custom reports, and special datasets.

For more information on demographics for your Non-profit visit Geolytics.com.


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Are You Neglecting the Importance of Local Targeting?


Businesses need to include the local area into their marketing strategy in order to capitalize on the peoples’ desire to buy now. Statistics show over half of the people conducting a local search via their mobile phone will make an in-store purchase within 24 hours of researching websites and viewing local ads.

Local adverting targets should be considered for both online and offline marketing efforts. Not only will the local community access this information on a regular basis, people just passing through will also rely on these ads as suggestions for where to shop, where to eat, and where to stay for the night.


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Creating an Effective Direct Mail Campaign


Direct Mailing Marketing

All business owners, especially small and new, need to find their customer base but may be at a loss as to where to start. A direct mail marketing campaign can help you reach your new clients with ease.
First, you will want to understand your target customers. Learn the basic demographic you will be targeting, such as the age and gender, or more specifics such as if they have children.
Then target these new customers through a mailing list. By choosing a mailing list, you eliminate the waste of money and time by targeting those customers who will not be interested in your company.
Finally, choose a mailing. The piece you deliver should accurately represent what you and your company do. For instance, if you are touting high-quality professional services or products then your mailing should reflect your message.

For all of your demographic data look to GeoLytics.

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Determining Your Target Audience


Steps to Finding Your Target Market

Before your business gets underway, you need to determine who you are marketing to. Understanding your audience will help you maximize your marketing ROI and helping content stick. It also helped with your marketing and other business strategies.
First you must determine what aspect your product or service fulfills. Is it an IT company? Then you will want to target businesses.
Then break down other aspects using a funnel approach. Start with gender, move on to age range, and then income.
Once you have established your audience, you will want to gather data about how they shop and where. Do not be afraid to us pre-existing information.
At Geolytics, we provide the demographic you will need to help your business succeed. For additional information about our services, peruse our site.

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