Demographics Improve Fundraising


GeoLytics provides software products that collect demographics that could benefit Non-profit organizations in a variety of ways. Knowing your Organization’s demographics can assist in fundraising efforts, raising awareness for your cause, recruiting volunteers, and assist with grant writing.

When using demographics for fundraising purposes, your organization is more likely to receive a higher amount of donations than if you sent out cold letters to a mass group of people who have no interest in your organization. Getting specific with the people you reach out to can make all of the difference. For example the way you reach out to a Corporate CEO for a donation would be more formal than if you were reaching out to a young local family in your community. Knowing your organizations demographics and geographic data improves accuracy and growth.

Geolytics has everything from Census 2000 products, normalized data, and Census 1970-1990, to business packages, estimates and projections, custom reports, and special datasets.

For more information on demographics for your Non-profit visit


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