Population Projection



Population projections are quite useful to the government because it helps them to identify certain trends in the population and plan accordingly. But what do the statisticians use to make these projections?


Fertility is simply the ability to have children. Statisticians generally look at the average amount of children that woman have an hypothesis off of that. If women have more than the replacement amount (two children) then the population may increase.


By measuring the average amounts annually, ideas are presented. However certain factors affect the mortality rate such as good healthcare or epidemics and diseases.


A shift in the population will affect two locations. Gradual shifts help statisticians to identify what may have caused people to move; however there is no way to predict sudden mass movements of people.
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A newly formed restaurant is not going to open up on the same block with three other restaurants, that’s bad business. Entrepreneurs use census data to help them determine where their business is most likely to succeed.


It is important to locate major and minor healthcare facilities in the proper locations so that they can handle the flow of ill patients. Additionally, knowing what illnesses may affect certain areas can also help to determine the equipment and specialists that a healthcare facility has.


The more people that are clustered together the better and more resilient the infrastructure has to be. Roads in cities need more attention than roads in towns. If you need specialized information just visit geolytics.com. They will be more than happy to help suit your needs.

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A Look at Population Projections and its Uses: Part II


Crafting a Plan

Population projection is used for finance allocation, healthcare planning and teacher workforce estimations. There are more uses for population project that is yet to be discussed.

Housing Planning

With a change in population, there can be a need for more housing or land use. Population projection is very useful in effective and strategic housing planning.

Provision for Nurseries/Day Cares

Nurseries and day cares provide care for babies or young children. In order to provide the best possible care, they need adequate provisions.

Making Comparisons

Another popular use for population projection is for making critical and accurate comparisons on a local and international level.

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A Look at Population Projections and its Uses: Part I


Making a Projection

Population projection is the estimate of a future population determined by using pre-existing data. The statistics found in the projection are useful for planning and developing public services.

Finance Allocation

Each year, finances needs to be allocated to different sectors or areas for development and suitability. Population projects allows for financial allocations adjustment to be made accordingly.

Healthcare Planning

Healthcare is an important part of society. With the use of population projections, the need for future healthcare services and needs can be determined.

Teacher Workforce

Education is also important to society. A well-formulated population projection can provide a teacher workforce model at a local and national level.

Population projections are very useful statistics. You can get population projections, visit GeoLytics today.

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Crime Data: What Makes This Data Trustworthy


Keep Track of Crime

Fighting crime is not an easy task. Different resources are very useful in the fight against crime, and one such resource is crime data that can be trusted.


When recording and storing reports, they are completed as best as possible. This includes filling out all necessary field, including notes and narratives, street directions and standardizing abbreviations.


You can expect crime reports to be accurate. Before records are stored, each report must be accurately recorded since less accurate ones would mean more work for those who use the report.


It’s important that these reports are completed in a timely manner. Reports must be completed, reviewed and approved as soon as possible for availability to agencies.

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Understand the Importance of Census

eA Need for Census

A census is the official collection or recording of a population. A national census is normally conducted every 5 or 10 years. It can be very useful in various ways.

Social/Living Conditions

Not everyone is a country has the same social and living condition. A census is useful in determining the different levels of these in different areas.

Yearly Funding

The data gather through a census is used to determine yearly funding. This helps determine how much money is spend on infrastructures and services.

Statistics for Research

Census offers statistics on gender, age, birth, morality and other useful information. This can be useful for individuals or businesses that are searching for information.

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Demographic Data and Important Information It Offers

imagesWhat is Demography?

Demography is the statistical study of a living population and changes in a specified area. The data collected offers useful information that can be a major advantage to businesses.


Demographic data helps quantify particular age groups in a given area. A business can establish itself at a location where a large portion of the population falls within their target age-range.


Demography is used to determine the ratio of male to female of the population. A hair salon would find an area heavily populated by women to be beneficial, while a sporting store would identify males as their larger clientele.


Income, or revenue, is another essential piece of information for a business. It helps project possible profits of an area, especially for those in the retail and hospitality industry.

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